Tonight Show RC Pro-Am Race

NASCAR Drivers Clash in RC Car Race on "Tonight Show"

Back in November 2018, the NASCAR Championship 4 of Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, and Martin Truex Jr probably weren't exactly chomping at the bit for their appearance on The Tonight Show ahead of the championship race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. To be fair, each and every one of them have been known to mix it up with each other from time to time.

But, all four drivers decided to be good sports -- even Harvick, who looked like the most uncomfortable person in the world during this bit -- and ditched their stock cars for RC cars for "The Tonight Show R.C. Pro-Am Race."

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Before the race even started, the Big 3 ganged up on the then 28-year-old Logano for not knowing about the RC Pro-Am Nintendo game. Even off the track, Kyle Busch clearly likes to push buttons.

It was all business as soon as the race started, though, with the NASCAR drivers ganging up on Jimmy, who was clearly the weakest and least experienced of the bunch.

Truex ended up easily winning the whole thing, but if you can listen closely, you can hear that he only rounded the turn two times instead of the required three. So, the usually squeaky clean driver of the No. 78 Toyota Camry for Furniture Row Racing ended up cheating to win, possibly in a homage to Kevin Harvick's whole cheating debacle at Texas. Even with all his trash talk, Busch came in dead last, making it clear that he's a much better NASCAR driver than RC car driver.

But, back to actual racing. Fast forward a couple days past the Tonight Show segment, and Logano would end up cruising to victory in Miami, becoming the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champion. Looks like Joey came in clutch when it actually counted!

This post was originally published on November 14, 2018.

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