Flood Lights on Truck
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Have a Clear View of The Road with These LED Floodlights


You might hate that guy who's blinding you on a backroad with his super bright lights, but this guy probably isn't spotting deer last minute. I'm sure with LED lights this bright, he can spot anything in a large area.

If there's any reason I would upgrade to LED bulbs, it's so I'd be safe on the roads during the evenings. It'd be nice to see those deer crossing the highway, so I have plenty of time to slow down, or if I could see the drunk idiot swerving into my lane.

Amazon has the best outdoor LED flood lights to choose from, but the Rigid Industries 20211 Dually Floodlight set is top-notch for many reasons. These light bulbs are definitely a customer favorite.

Rigid Industries 20211 Dually Floodlight


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These outdoor floodlights have a 50,000+ hour lifespan. The Rigid Industries ultra-bright outdoor LED floodlights are the best white lights for large area lighting. Customers say these lights have an easy installation, but you could always opt for the expert installation through Amazon.

4 Pack LED Security Light Motion Sensor Light


You don't even have to use these for security purposes. If your work area is outside, use outdoor floodlights as work lights. During the summer, you might be putting off outdoor projects because it's so hot outside. Use outdoor floodlights as a chance to get some work done in cooler temperatures.

Dual-head outdoor floodlights can light up your shed or garage. If you need the side of the roads lit up when driving around your property, or need outdoor security lights at night, this is the easiest way to give yourself daylight white outdoor lighting from dusk to dawn.


I bet you this high-quality LED lighting is so bright your wife would feel comfortable doing her makeup outside during the evening.


Consider getting some motion sensor lights for security purposes. Installing motion-sensing lights is a helpful tool for home security. I'm sure LED security lights have scared off some trespassers for many homeowners and businesses.

These energy efficient outdoor floodlights won't make you break the bank since they are using 30W bulbs. Perfect if you plan on using these every night. Besides the security floodlights having energy saving technology, another reason to use them year-around is that they're ip65 waterproof.


I'm a fan of floodlights for security purposes, road safety, and for landscaping. A while back, floodlights became a trendy use for landscape lighting. Smaller LED light fixtures provide ample light to help you get to the front door at night.



If you're still using your porch light as security lighting for when you're not home, it's time for an upgrade. I think many know that leaving your porch light on is the oldest trick in the book. There's a 5-year warranty on Amico's floodlights, so try these and feel a sense of security for your home.

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