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Pickup Truck Driving the Wrong Way Crashes Into Semi, and the Video Is Horrifying



With most intense crash videos, usually the most nerve-wracking part is, obviously, the actual crash itself. In the case of the above video, though, the most chilling part has to be watching the white Chevy Silverado speed the wrong way on I-74 in Illinois, while knowing the whole time that an extreme collision is coming. The anticipation of disaster has you sweating bullets, and then, all of the sudden...WHAM!...the Chevy crashes head-on into an oncoming Volvo semi truck.

Thankfully, both the driver of the Chevy and the semi driver ended up coming away from this collision with only minor injuries, so the collision itself wasn't quite as devastating as it appears from the video.

Why was the Chevy driver driving the wrong way on a highway to begin with? If your answer was, "Because he was three sheets to the wind and up shit's creek without a paddle," then you hit the nail on the head.


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Per The Dispatch-Argus:

Tyler N. Vanalsburg, 24, Bettendorf, has been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and driving the wrong way on the interstate, according to a state police news release.

The collision happened around 8:20 a.m. in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 74, near mile marker 20, the release states. A white Chevrolet pickup, westbound in the eastbound lanes, collided with the semi, which was traveling in the correct direction. The semi then came to rest in the median and caught fire.

The state police identified Vanalsburg as the pickup's driver. Both he and the semi's driver suffered minor injuries and were sent to the hospital.

Now, we shouldn't really need to have PSAs about the dangers of impaired driving. Everyone should know that drugs pr alcohol and safe driving don't mix. Yet, for some reason, people still drive while intoxicated and get themselves in serious trouble. That video though? That's enough to sober anybody up.

This post was originally published on June 6, 2019.


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