BMW Crash

BMW Crashes Into Hillside During High-Speed Turn

A lot of people who talk trash about NASCAR like to say stuff like, "NASCAR is dumb. It isn't even really a sport. All they do is just turn left." Well, you can love NASCAR or hate it, but just know that turning left at high speeds isn't quite as easy as people say.

One BMW-driving hot shot found that out the hard way, after he came WAY too hot into a sharp turn, flipped his car over onto its side, and ended up having to climb through the sunroof. Yeah, that probably wasn't the way he imagined his day going, but you can never really prepare for these things. Other than, you know, not whipping your car around ridiculous turns.

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Crashing your ride straight into a dirt hill is a pretty surefire way to ruin an otherwise quality test drive. Not to mention a car, for that matter. I mean, that BMW was pretty much toast. Totaled as hell. Dunzo.

At least there is a silver lining to the whole situation, considering that the driver didn't appear to have hurt anything much more than his pride. Serious injury or even death is extremely common when it comes to these sorts of incidents.

Even still, with the video of the BMW accident racking up nearly five million views, you have to imagine that the driver felt some serious shame after it went viral. You can't imagine that he'd be thrilled with all the attention.

Let's just say that the face-blurring technology used in the video really came in handy in this scenario.

This post was originally published on November 30, 2018.

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