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Semi Truck Clips School Bus in Scary Close Call

We've seen plenty of insane crash videos in our day, and while they're terrifying without a doubt, sometimes it's the close calls that can really make your skin crawl. Take the above incident, for example. Back in January 2016, a police officer was getting out of his car on Highway 20 near Webster City, Iowa, to help a broken-down bus, when a Walgreens semi truck sideswiped the bus, nearly missing him.

"My heart definitely jumped up into my throat," Captain Randy Jones told KCCI. "It just happened so fast I just had no opportunity to move any other place."

Iowa State Patrol Sgt. Ludwig said this kind of accident happens more than drivers think.

"We see it every day and it's not just deputies," Ludwig said. "It's city officers, tow truck drivers, DOT maintenance."

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Luckily, none of the 40 children on the bus were injured.

The 48-year-old semi truck driver, Todd Nunemaker, said he looked down for a split second to pick something up when he hit the bus.

"He seemed to be very sorry and upset at what occurred and how close it was to being a lot bigger tragedy than what it was," Jones said.

Nunemaker was fined $195 for not moving over.

"You ask any police officer, the fine isn't enough because you can't put a value on somebody's life who almost got hit," Ludwig added.

While Sgt. Ludwig is onto something when it comes to harsher fines discouraging reckless highway driving, it's definitely not the only solution. For one, the shoulder could definitely stand to be extended to provide more space for passing drivers. Considering it's been nearly five years since this incident occurred, hopefully they've done something to make sure these sort things stop happening.

This post was originally published on May 29, 2019.

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