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This Thief Should Have Thought Twice Before Stealing from Tennessee Man's Truck Bed


There's a pretty good chance that you have seen a shocking dashcam video or two on this site before. Whether it's a high-speed chase or an explosive car crash, dashcams are capable of churning out some pretty intense footage, but they are actually for more than just providing off-the-wall video content.

They also make for some pretty damn effective security systems. Let's just say that one Tennessee man is glad he outfitted his truck with a dashcam, as you can see in the video of an attempted truck bed theft below.

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Per Tennesseean:


While Todd Mangrum was inside making a purchase at the Home Depot in Bellevue, a man pulled into the adjacent parking space and stole a Stihl concrete saw from the bed of Mangrum's work truck.

According to Mangrum, the saw is valued at around $1,200.

After discovering the saw missing, he reviewed his dash camera video. The video clearly captured the theft, the thief's face, his vehicle and the tag number.

After posting the video to social media, it was shared over 300 times within the first 24 hours, and eventually led to someone identifying the thief.

Interesting that this saw snatcher would feel the need to steal a saw in the parking lot of a Home Depot of all places. I mean, he could've just as easily walked into the store and bought one for himself.

Then again, he probably never expected for a truck dashcam to catch him redhanded. So, here's a little pro tip for all you would-be truck or car or SUV or even moped thieves out there: you're better off not even trying. Just do yourself a favor and assume that everyone has a dashcam. Your nonexistent criminal record will thank you later.

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