Moped Thief Crash

Shocking Dashcam Footage Shows Boston Police Cruiser Slamming into Moped Thief


Paul English is most famously known as the co-founder of popular travel booking sites Kayak and Lola. But, late last weekend, he was thrust into the local news spotlight, after he captured dashcam footage of a Boston Police cruiser smashing into an alleged moped thief.

"I saw a very disturbing scene," English told Boston 25. "I saw a young kid on a scooter who was trying to evade the police. Police were chasing him in a marked Boston Police SUV."

In the news report below, you can see the brief moments leading up to and immediately following the intense incident, which occurred in the Seaport area of Boston.

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In a later interview, law enforcement officials pointed out that the thief had stolen a scooter and attempted to elude the authorities. Considering that the supposed thief left bolt cutters at the scene, officials also alleged that the thief was on his way to steal another moped.

Even with the thief's actions in mind, English thought that the pursuing officer's response was just a little bit extreme.

"The cop car had pulled up right to where the kid was and stopped," English said. "The SUV accelerated into him. Smashed the scooter and threw the kid."

"He bounced off the SUV, it was crazy, aggressive. [It] hit the kid, the kid went rolling, flying off the SUV."


Despite his seeming criticisms, English also wanted to clarify his support for Boston cops.

"I think cops are great, I'm happy to have the Boston Police, and I'm happy to have the new police commissioner as well," English said.

Regardless of what you think about Boston's finest, one thing's for sure: You won't be able to steal so much as a moped on their watch and get off easy for it.

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