Dashcam Head-on SUV Crash

Dashcam Footage Captures the Moment a High-Speed Chase Ends in a Head-on Collision

Believe it or not, there are a few different types of police chases. There is the kind where drivers give chase for a while and then give up, knowing they're outmatched by the pursuing officers. There is the kind that goes on for hours, with just about every cruiser on the police force and even a few helicopters needed to stop the subject who's on the run.

Then, there is also a type of police chase that falls right about in the middle of the first two. It's the kind that typically ends just as quickly as it started, usually because of some kind of risky technique on the part of the suspect or a preventative tactic on the part of law enforcement. It's the kind of chase that, shall we say, ends in the suspect smashing an SUV head-on into cops cars. Who would commit to this level of police chase, you ask? Someone facing charges of felonious assault, fleeing and eluding, receiving stolen property, and cocaine possession, that's who.

If that last example sounded a little specific, it's because it actually happened in the town of Bratenahl, Ohio, which is right around Cleveland. The whole thing was captured on dashcam footage and showed the suspect's stolen SUV smashing into two stopped police cruisers like a fullback truck sticking his way into the end zone on a goal line dive.

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The suspect was 18-year-old Cleveland native Rajon Hyche, and he, along with three Highway Patrol troopers, suffered minor injuries as a result of the crash. Hyche, who was driving a stolen 2017 Nissan Armada, just about needed a damn armada to slow him down, because he clearly had no problem doing some damage in an attempt to escape.

In the end though, his efforts weren't enough to escape from the law. And, in most chases, they never are. Hasn't this guy ever seen Cops?

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