These are the ten most memorable police chases

From soda trucks to the ubiquitous white Ford Bronco, Donut Media has compiled the 10 most famous car chases in media history.

The compilation hits out fan favorites like the guy who welded a ton of scrap metal to a bulldozer and then lazily rolled over an excessive amount of property. That's a guy that knows how to cause all the damage.

Then there's the driver who chooses the least efficient vehicle and method to attempt to escape the police, driving a limousine in reverse. Of course, the whole plan falls apart on him when he runs into a tree, but what can you really expect when you're driving a limousine at high speeds . . . in reverse?

But the number one spot will always belong to the Juice, for making the white Ford Bronco the ultimate road trip car.

A great list, but we can't help but wonder. Where's the Corvette disintegrating in the desert?

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