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Check out the Moments Before an Illegal Street Drifting Sideshow Was Shut Down in California

Two police officers injured, two people arrested, and 100 cars towed. This was the aftermath of a number of illegal street drifting sideshows this past weekend in Oakland, California, which were eventually shut down by the California Highway Patrol.

While that end result showcases a scene that was very far from being cool, this thermal video showing one of the sideshows in a public street that was captured by a police helicopter, just moments before the show was shut down, is actually pretty incredible to watch.

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Pulling off sweet stunts in souped-up cars while a bunch of people watch can be fun and all, but when you've got folks ramming cars, throwing rocks, and shooting guns off, it definitely doesn't seem like a situation you would want to be around.

Per Jalopnik:

[Video] shows hundreds of cars lined up at an intersection and a crowd looking on as four cars dangerously attempted to drift in the middle


One police officer was struck in the face by a flying rock, and another officer suffered injury after being rammed by a car while sitting in their cruiser. Police also reported cars speeding the wrong way down one way streets, and videos from the sideshow also seem to show gunshots being fired into the air.

The California Highway Patrol reported that the off-ramp from southbound I-880 was temporarily shut down until around noon on Sunday due to the sheer amount of cars waiting to be towed.

Wow. Sounds like a whole bunch of idiots were out way too late with nothing better to do than cause damage and hurt people. And only two locked up? The only thing lower than the IQ of those involved is that arrest number. But, considering the high number of cars that were ultimately towed, I'm guessing that there will be at least a few more people who will face some sort of justice in the near future.

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