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RC Jet Boats Are Lake and Pool-Friendly for Year-Round Fun

Move over RC monster trucks, we're taking our racing skills to the water. RC jet boats are fun for all ages, and it's not an expensive hobby to get into. Most beginner boats will only cost you around $60.

We rounded up 10 of the best RC boats on Amazon for kids and adults. These remote control boats come with everything you need. All you need to do is figure out where you're going to race them. Find some water near you and get to planning an afternoon with your new RC boat.

Best RC Boats for RC Racing

You can always rely on Amazon's Choice when it comes to online shopping. This top-rated pick is from SHARKOOL. Their RC boat can reach up to 25KM/H.

The water-cooling system is fantastic. The motor will last much longer compared to other boating gadgets. And thanks to the 180-degree capsize recovery and auto-correction, you can race your boat knowing that it will be back in the game if it tilts over.

Kim gave it a five-star rating and wrote, "Bought this for my sons 11th birthday and he loves it! Easy to control and great durability so far. Would definitely recommend this product!"

2. Force1 Wave Speeder RC Boat - Remote Control Boat for Pools and Lakes for Kids and Adults, Long Range Radio Controlled Motor Boat with Waverunner USB Charging Cable and 2.4GHz Remote Control (Red)

Force1's boat is perfect for adults and kids. It speeds across water with dual motors and can drive in all directions. The best part is that it's only $24.95.

It uses a USB charging cable and a rechargeable battery. This boat is not for saltwater use, but if you have a pool, then it's the best pick for your little one.

3. Cheerwing Brushless RC Boat for Adult & Kid, 40 km/h Fast Remote Control Boat for Pools & Lakes

Cheerwing's boat has a brushless motor that also has water-cooling technology to prevent overheating.

This boat is a bit pricey, but you can take it out on the lake. It has a self-righting hull design to upright your boat, a 2.4 GHz transmitter, and a low battery alarm.

4. Pro Boat 23 River Jet Boat: RTR

Consider Pro Boat for all of your RC boating needs. Their boats are top-notch. This model has a fantastic jet pump, self-righting hull design, and a high-impact canopy.

5. IOKUKI 2.4G RC Boat - Remote Control Boat for Kids and Adults for Lakes and Pools with 2 Batteries & 2 Charger Cables & Low Battery Prompt Motor Boat (Blue)

This RC boat offers 50 minutes of playtime. (25 minutes per battery.) It's not intended for saltwater use, but feel free to take it out on the lake, pool, and river. This is a great pick for beginners. It can go forward, backward, and turn left and right with a signal range of 160 feet.

It comes with a boat, remote control, two batteries, two USB chargers, two propellers, one screwdriver, and one manual. Check out this awesome review. Surely this is the best $30 ever spent for this happy customer.

6. Pro Boat Aerotrooper 25" Brushless Air Boat RTR, PRB08034

Pro Boat's Aerotrooper has a self-righting feature that will keep your boat in the race! The waterproof boat has a brushless motor and is fast! Matthew gave it five stars and wrote, "Kids like it. Goes super fast on ice."

7. RC Boat Toy 2.4Hz Remote Control Speed Boat Dual Motors Self-Righting Racing Boat 15KM/H RC Ship Speedboat Toys for Adult & Kids

This little boat is small, but it's ready to race. Daniel said, "It is cheap but can compete with any other more expensive boat. The directions explained it well and answered any questions i could have. Once batteries were put it off it went. It is a very easy toy to control and one that is lots of fun and definitely worth getting. Everyone needs one of these its great."

It's under $40 and can compete with expensive boats? Sounds like this could be a top contender for best overall pick.

8. Pro Boat Jet Jam 12" Pool Racer Brushed RTR, White, PRB08031T2

This boat comes with everything you need to race. You'll receive a transmitter, receiver, servo, battery pack, USB charger, and three decal sheets.

The decal sheets have three different color schemes, so get creative kiddos.

9. Remote Control Boat, 1:14 Scale 2.4Ghz High Speed RC Racing Boats for Pools and Lakes, Dual Motor, Low Battery Alarm, Speed Switch, Watercraft Toy for 14+ Kids, Blue

For under $30, you can impress your little one with an RC boat that's perfect for the pool. The plastic boat sails across water at 5-10KM/H and can only be energized when in contact with the water.

It's perfect for indoor or outdoor pools, lakes, and rivers.

10. Pro Boat Lucas Oil 17" Power Boat Racer Deep-V RTR, PRB08044T2

Pro Boat's Lucas Oil is priced right at $189.99. The 3.7-pound boat comes with everything you need for racing. You'll receive a receiver, spektrum S120 USB-C Smart Charger, and a smart 11.1V 1300mAh 3S LiPo battery and connecter.

It has a self-righting feature, which flips the boat back over in seconds when you activate the throttle.

Gary wrote, "Crazy fast boats, my favorites,I have the miss geico & the lucas oil (same boats)I don't like the miss geico catamaran that I have because it does not take a real battery ... what are ya wait'in for? oh yeah they self right!!"

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