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Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Touch Screen Displays in Cars


If you've bought a new car in the past decade, chances are you have a vehicle with a touch screen panel. I bought my first car recently, and let me tell you, it's truly life-changing. It comes in handy for controlling my GPS, music, and even answering phone calls and text messages when I'm stopped at grocery stores and gas stations. I use it for all these things, which means I'm constantly touching it. I've decided to make it a weekly chore to wipe the screen down to prevent the spread of germs.

Thanks to COVID, I'm becoming more conscious about keeping my car's interior disinfected. Not just clean, but overall just free of germs (mostly). If you're also wondering how to clean the touch screen panel in your car, then I've got you covered. I've done some research, and I rounded up the best options to prevent damage to your LCD screen.

How to Clean Your Car's Touch Screen

Best Option for cleaning smudges

Please keep in mind that alcohol is not safe for screens. You may find some cleaning solution or wet cell phone wipe with an alcohol-based cleaning solution that's safe for car display screens, but we don't entirely recommend it. We'll get into disinfecting in a minute, but let's focus on simple screen cleaning for now.

Before you think about disinfecting, think about cleaning grime and smudges off your infotainment display. This alcohol-free solution will clean monitors, flatscreens, phones, laptop screens, and more touchscreen devices. Thanks to the included microfiber cloths, you don't have to worry about streaks. Be sure to clean in a circular motion.

This cleaning kit is under $10 and is Amazon's Choice for "screen cleaner car display."

A customer gave it five stars and said he uses it on his truck display. Check out his review.

Best wet wipe option for smudges

Okay, if you don't have time to clean with a microfiber cloth and insist on wipes, here's your best option. These wipes are alcohol-free and are designed not to damage LCD screens. A customer gave them five stars and wrote, "These wipes work very well on my big screen tv and other electronics. I will purchase again."

3. TRUE MARK UV Light Sanitizer Wand | Ultraviolet Light sanitizer | UV Wand sanitizer | Sterilizer Wand | Germicidal Disinfectant | Portable and Travel-Sized | Lab Tested

Best option for disinfecting

Now onto disinfecting. We don't want you to ruin your LCD screen thanks to alcohol wipes. We recommend portable UV light sanitizers. This $20 wand is battery-powered and only takes seconds to disinfect. It's great for traveling!

It's highly-effective without chemicals, and some parents prefer this over using alcohol wipes in their household to protect their kids and pets from possibly getting into harmful chemicals.

Automotive tip: Do not use facial tissues, glass cleaner, paper towels, or cleaning products with alcohol to avoid discoloration and lint on your screen.

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