weather channel video about clearing snow off car
YouTube: The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel Puts CGI to Good Use for This Important PSA on Winter Driving


Maybe The Weather Channel maybe just wanted to show off their fancy new graphics, but back in 2017, they put their tech to good use by delivering a very important public service announcement when it comes to driving during winter. After a snowstorm, make sure you get all of the snow off of the top of your car. Not a little bit of it. Not most of it. All of it.

Snow left on the top of your car will blow off a little bit at a time, hurting the visibility of cars behind you. It should be abundantly clear why you would not want to limit a car's visibility when it is directly behind your own on less than perfect roads.

Check out the below video to see a 3D representation of why getting your car completely cleared of snow and ice is so vital.


Now, a little dusting of snow here and there may not seem all that dangerous, but it adds up. The worst case scenario is that the chunk of snow solidifying on the top of the car can let loose and become a giant projectile headed straight for a car behind you. At 60 MPH, a 100-pound slab of ice could hit the car behind you with 10 tons of force. Yeah, definitely not a pretty sight.

Please, take the extra 10 minutes to finish the job when clearing snow off your car. Other drivers will thank you for your extra effort as they pass you in their snow covered car to fling car crushing snowballs at your windshield. Then, you can send this video along with your lawyer's information.

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This post was originally published on February 11, 2017.