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$119 Heated Windshield Wiper System Is a Game-Changer for Winter Driving

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The pit in your stomach when you see snow and ice on your windshield and have to be at work in 15 minutes is something else. Please, y'all, just buy a snow cover for your windshield! They make a world of difference. However, these obviously won't be of great use if you use your vehicle all day for work. The best thing to get your windshield clear would be a heated windshield wiper system.

Winter driving can be scary for many reasons, and sometimes your wiper blades fall short when it comes to keeping the windshield clear. With heated wiper blades, your blades will work hard to melt ice buildup so you can see clearly and feel safe on the road. The safer you feel, the more confident you'll feel about winter weather driving.

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Best Heated Windshield Wiper Blades

Crystal Clear - Automatic Heated Wiper Blade System: 16" Blade + 16" Blade

  • Heavy-duty
  • See warranty information here
  • $119

How They Work

These heated windshield wipers use technology to melt away ice once it detects 41 degrees Fahrenheit or colder temperatures. The Crystal Clear heated windshield wipers have compressed rubber squeegees with graphite coating for streak-free results.

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The high-quality deicer kit comes with two heated wiper blades, a mounting system, and a control module. Check out the link above to watch a tutorial. If you're not sure if they're on, check out the LED lights on the exterior.

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The automotive wiper system is going to come in handy for snowstorms. You never know what to expect with cold weather these days! Check out Texas, for example. We weren't ready for the winter freeze, and I bet a lot of essential workers would've loved these blades for the weather conditions.

As always, be prepared for harsh driving conditions and stay safe this winter!