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Amazon Customers Swear by These Top-Reviewed Heated Ice Scrapers


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Rise and shine. Make some coffee, watch the news, shower, get dressed, and boom. Head outside to scrape ice and heavy snow off your windshield. Unless you want to pull an Ace Ventura and drive with your head sticking out the window, you need one of the best heated ice scrapers.

I do recommend using a snow windshield cover, but if you enjoy the dirty work, you'll need one of these for winter mornings. Amazon has a variety of ice scrapers to fit your needs budget-wise, ergonomically, and more. Here are 13 of the best heated and regular ice scrapers that will tackle tough snow and ice.

Best Heated Ice Scrapers

We did gather some good old-fashioned ice scrapers, but these heated ones are top-notch, and the pricing is fantastic. For under $12, you can get this scratch-free heated scraper. It has a built-in heating element that melts snow and stubborn ice.

Thanks to the built-in rubber squeegee head, you don't have to deal with excess water on your windshield. It's not cordless, but a customer did say the cord is long enough to get the job done. This is a fantastic Christmas gift for Dad.

2. Zento Deals Heated Car Window Snow/Ice Scraper with Light - Extendable 12V LED Light with 15.8 feet Long Cord

Consider this option as well. It has a built-in LED flashlight that's perfect for scraping ice off in the evening. It also includes a rubber wiper blade squeegee to wipe glass cleaner.

Plug it into your cigarette lighter to use it.

Ice Scrapers Under $15

4. Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper

Subzero has an ice scraper with a 4.5-inch blade, but the entire scraper has an 11-inch length. Don't let the little blade fool you. Arya Stark's sword had a short blade too, and you see what that did. A customer says it eats through ice like a hot knife on butter.

For under $9, this is a great pick for scraping ice off a small car. It's also a great budget-friendly gift idea for automotive fanatics.

5. AmazonBasics Car Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

This snow removal tool has a length of 25 inches for an extended reach. A featured spec is a brush, which is great for moving fresh snowfall.

6. Subzero 532

This best seller is under $9. It has a 26-inch reach and has four rows of plush bristles to target the toughest snow and thick ice.

7. TAKAVU Ice Scraper Mitt for Car Windshield

Most ice scrapers have comfortable foam handles, but if they're not comfortable to you, consider a mitt. There's an elastic wristband to prevent it from falling.

A customer said this glove keeps his fingers warm.

8. Mallory 996-35 MAXX 35" Snow Brush with Integrated Ice Scraper and Foam Grip Handle

If you want something for hard-to-reach areas, consider Mallory USA's 35-inch snow brush and ice scraper. The brush head has a molded grip for extra leverage for ice removal. A customer said it cleared the entire top of his car from a Massachusetts snowstorm.

Ice Scrapers Under $30

9. The Ice Master - Pivoting Head ice scraper

Remove ice and thick snow with Snobrum's pivoting scraper. Thanks to the pivoting head, you'll be able to scrape in a different pattern to get thick ice off your windshield.

10. Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-in-1 Snow Broom with 18-Inch Foam Head + Large Ice Scraper

Forget bristles, this snow scraper has a broom. It honestly reminds me of a Swiffer, but those little mops put in work, so I think this would be a great gadget to remove snow. It only weighs about 1.4 pounds! The extension pole can extend out to 52 inches. This is great for SUV owners.

11. Mallory 580-EP Mini Telescoping 35" Pivoting Dual Head with Squeegee and Integrated Ice Scraper

Here's another great option for bigger vehicles. This extendable snow brush can extend out to 35 inches, and the heavy-duty ice scraper can get the thickest ice layers off your windows. The ergonomic handle design aids in getting a good grip for quick work.

12. CJ Industries F-1 Fantastic Ice Scraper with Brass Blade, Red 6 Pack

If you have multiple cars at your household, you need this 6-pack. These scraper blades cut through ice quickly!

13. PRAISUN 39 in Snow Brush with Extendable Handle

Use the brush for heavy snow and the ice scraper for ice. The comfortable foam grip comes in handy! No one wants to touch cold metal when it's 12 degrees outside. Several customers are giving it five stars and leaving amazing reviews, so it's by far one of the best snow and ice removers you can buy on Amazon.

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This post was originally published on January 17, 2020.