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3 Best Heated Gloves & Mittens of 2022: Touchscreen Capability, Rechargeable, & More


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Go from "feel how cold my hands are" to "feel how warm my hands are" with a pair of the best heated gloves. If you work outside, love winter sports, or hunt, you'll enjoy a pair of these gloves. They're breathable, toasty, and will probably be the best purchase you'll make this fall or winter.

We rounded up three pairs for every budget and need. Once you get to use them, you're going to wonder how you ever survived outdoor activities without a pair of heated gloves.

Is Heated Clothing Safe

Absolutely! The Warming Store says, "Wiring is separated by a waterproof membrane making them safe to use in damp conditions. Heated clothing is designed to be safe during regular use."

The voltage is not high enough to cause harm if you're caught in some rain and have heated apparel or accessories on. Plus, heated apparel and just heated products, in general, go through so much testing to be sure products are safe before customers use them.

Should You Wear Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Not everyone wears winter gloves for cold weather riding, however, you should consider them. You may be risking frostbite on your fingers when winter riding if temperatures are freezing. Wind chill is no joke.

You'll be able to use the temperature control easily and safely on each ride. You'll be sure to add a pair to your motorcycle gear.

If you don't like the idea of wearing cold weather gloves or heated leather gloves, you can consider installing heated grips on your bike.

Best Heated Gloves & Mittens

1. AKASO Heated Gloves for Men & Women

AKASO's $70 heated gloves are warm and lightweight, which means you'll stay comfy and won't even think about taking these off. 3M's Thinsulate fabric keeps your hands warmer than most competitors.

The heavy-duty pair of gloves has three heat settings and is powered by rechargeable batteries. Keep those hands toasty while snowboarding and prevent frostbite. As someone who had it before, I can attest that it doesn't take extremely cold temperatures (below freezing temperatures) to experience it.

The best part is that the ski gloves are touchscreen compatible, so no matter what you're doing, you won't have to take these off to use your smartphone real quick. These will be your favorite work gloves. Kiss cold hands goodbye. Be sure to charge both battery packs at the same time.

A customer gave the riding gloves a five-star rating and said they'd also be great for their snowmobile trip.

2. SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves for Men & Women

Savior Heat's heated mittens are made of breathable fleece and have imported goatskin on the outside to protect your hands from cold weather.

The $130 warm mittens heat up within seconds, and there are three heating levels. These gloves cover the back of the hand and cover all fingers without interrupting dexterity while participating in winter sports.

The high-quality mittens come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that have a fantastic battery life. The water-resistant mittens will come in handy for walking, running, and more.

3. SNOW DEER Heated Mittens for Men and Women

Snow Deer's rechargeable heated gloves feature a display to control the temperature settings. Customers seem very happy with their purchase.

A customer gave the unisex warm gloves five stars and wrote, "I just started using these mitten/ gloves. When I first put my hands in they are so soft inside. They heat up very fast. Your hands don't sweat. I have reynauds so it made going outside for a long period of time possible. You won't be sorry."

Diane's review is fantastic! Ladies, they might be a bit big, so be sure to take advantage of the adjustable wrist to fit your liking.

The soft fleece lining on the inside, along with non-slip lambskin on the palm and thumb, will keep your fingers nice and toasty! Frostbite is no fun. They may be a bit dirty after a snow day, so be sure to wipe them down. They are machine washable, but be careful. Place them in a laundry bag before washing.

And yes, if touchscreen capability is a must for you, consider these. The thumb allows you to use your touchscreen device to scroll!

While these windproof mittens are super warm, the breathability is still unmatched. The electric gloves won't feel too hot on your hands.

For heated jackets, heated socks, and hand warmers, visit Wide Open Spaces.

This post was originally published on September 16, 2021.

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