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How to Make Homemade Car Wash Soap for Under $8


Going through the car wash at Walmart or your local grocery store is definitely convenient, but there's something about washing your own car. You're not worried about potential scratches on a new car, and you get to be picky about the detailing. Although, I will admit the soap at a car wash spot is top tier.

It smells amazing, and it suds up perfectly. Whether you wash your car at home because it's a classic car you only trust in your hands, or because you truly enjoy the dirty work, consider making your own homemade car wash soap. Trust me, you'll want to use this recipe to make your car look shiny and new.

DIY Car Wash Soap Recipe

What You'll Need to Make Your Own Car Wash Soap:

Step One:

Grab a bucket. You can probably find one at your local grocery store for a dollar or grab one on Amazon. You'll also want a measuring cup so you can make sure you have the correct amount of each ingredient.

Step Two:

After you have put dishwashing liquid and baking soda into the bucket, fill up the bucket with water. As the bucket fills, it will start to look like soapy water. (Cold water or warm water works.)


Step Three:

Wash your car!

Car cleaning products can be expensive, and if you park your car in a garage daily like me, you know how much car cleaning you have to do. There's a good chance you already have all of these products at home. Dish soap is a versatile cleaning product by the way. Laundry detergent isn't a stain remover, but dish soap can definitely aid in removing stains. A drop of liquid soap and scrubbing is one of the best home remedies pre-treatments I've done for my clothes.

Quick tip, keep this homemade car wash soap in a spray bottle. Sometimes, water and the work of your windshield wipers just don't get a bird droppings off your windshield. Next time you're at the gas station and want to touch up some dirty spots, spray the car wash solution on it.

A clean car makes all the difference. I've driven a car where the car's paint wasn't in the best condition, but once I got the grime off the body of the car, the paint job didn't look as bad. Out of the car maintenance your vehicle requires, surely this is the cheapest responsibility.


Pass this recipe on to your favorite kids and let them take up car washing for a fun summer job. With this car soap, they'll be able to stay in business for about $8.

If you really want to make your car paint look sparkly clean, consider drying your car with a microfiber cloth or mitt.

This post was originally published on December 27, 2019.

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