how to super clean windshield with steel wool
YouTube: RVgeeks

DIY Pro Shows How to Super Clean Your Windshield With Steel Wool


This is one of those things that just seems so wrong, but it really isn't. Cleaning the windshield on your car or truck quickly becomes a necessity if you're putting in a lot of driving time, and this expert at YouTube channel RVgeeks goes through probably one of the most effective ways at doing so. Sure, you could just go buy some glass cleaner and do an okay job, but if you want to get everything off, you have to check out this video.

Most people would never think to rub steel wool on their windshield, but that's the key component to a thorough clean on the glass. However, it's important that you buy the finest steel wool available, and in this video, the guy uses 0000 finish. If you have that, there's no need to worry about scratching the glass, and you can take it out of the package, and start scrubbing your windshield. You can go in any particular direction that you want, and the steel wool will take off any fine dirt, bug splatter, or grit that may be still stuck on the glass.

Once you've scrubbed the glass for a few minutes, you can touch it and feel that it is noticeably smoother. It's an awesome trick that even professional car detailers have been known to use. Now, in this video, he decides to follow up the steel wool with a coat of Rain-X, and he gives a great demonstration about how to do that properly. I would also recommend doing this, because it really is a great beneficial product, especially when the rain rolls around.


After the steel wool and the Rain-X, he's left with a windshield that feels as smooth as a freshly waxed paint job. Honestly, the average person doesn't really feel the need to go to these lengths to clean their windshield, but for those out there that go above and beyond with personal car care, you've got to try this out.

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