skateboarder smashes windshield
YouTube: ViralHog

Skateboarder Smashes Windshield in Wild Video


You know what sucks? You know what really, REALLY sucks? When you're enjoying a nice cruise downtown on a peaceful night, minding your own business, when all of the sudden, a skateboarder skates right in front of your car, while your light is green mind you, and smashes in your windshield. That's enough to ruin anyone's evening!

Hopefully something like that has never happened to you, but it was that exact series of ultimately unfortunate events that befell one unlucky driver in the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo.

"I was meeting up with some friends," writes the victim of skater rage, according to the above YouTube video's description. "When I was going through the green light, I guess this skateboarder didn't see me and almost hit me. I'm guessing he was having a bad day, but he got very angry at me and with his skateboard, hit my windshield and damaged my car."


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Huh. That's a fairly calm recap for someone who just had their car's windshield spider-webbed by a skateboard, but maybe they had a couple weeks to mull it over before releasing it to the public.

Now, a few commenters pointed out that the incident could actually have been staged and that the aggressive skateboarder was just an actor. While I'm not going to immediately jump to that conclusion, it's definitely plausible. As a matter of fact, a similar incident happened in 2016, when a YouTuber eventually admitted that a viral video showing a $250,000 McLaren getting attacked by a skateboard was all made up.

So, it's definitely not outside the realm of possibility that this whole scenario was a ruse for clicks, especially when you look at the way the guys at the end are just laughing, standing around, and filming on their phones. Then again, we live in some pretty wild times.


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