flaming tire clips semi truck
YouTube: ViralHog

Flaming Tire Launches Across Median, Clips Semi Truck



This wild incident that went down in Portage, Indiana should serve as the perfect reminder to always keep your head on a swivel while driving, particularly on the highway. Because, as we've seen time and time again, you never really know what can happen out there on the road. From doors flying off of RVs to ladders catapulting through the air, ordinary objects can turn into dangerous projectiles in a matter of moments.

The aforementioned crash-and-burn situation on an Indiana highway happen to involve a flaming tire. As you can see from the above dashcam footage, the engulfed tire came off a passing truck, crossed over the median, and clipped a semi going the other way. All in all, it made for a pretty crazy scene.

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"A tractor trailer traveling eastbound lost his wheel from the driver side and that wheel came traveling across the median, colliding with the truck driver that was in front of me," reads the video's description. "We were both traveling westbound in the state of Indiana. Nobody got hurt from this incident, both drivers are doing good. Everything was reported to the local authorities."

As one commenter points out, the clipped trucker's decision to drive into the ditch helped prevent matters from becoming much, much worse.

"It was a controlled pit since at that speed if he over-corrected it would have been a deadly disaster," the commenter wrote. "It was good that he kept it steady as possible instead of swerving and ditched it perfectly."

Obviously, no one prepares to have a flaming tire get launched at them, but clearly, this truck driver was seasoned enough to not panic and contain an accident that could have easily turned into a multi-car pileup. Well done!


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