trucker shuts down idiot on exit ramp
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Trucker Shuts Down Idiot Driver on Exit Ramp


If a driver were to cut you off on the highway, your initial reaction would probably be to swerve suddenly or slam hard on the brakes. Sometimes, you're forced to make quick, and potentially dangerous, moves when put in sticky situations by other reckless drivers. It's a little thing called defensive driving.

But, one semi truck driver from Fort Wayne, Indiana, knows that making split-second decisions when you're driving a massive truck can lead to absolute chaos. So, when one idiot driver tried cutting him off at an exit ramp, rather than stomping on the brake pedal, this guy went to town on the horn instead and kept right on trucking like a seasoned pro. Eventually, after being absolutely humbled for a good 20 seconds, the idiot driver pulled off to the side of the road, where he hopefully evaluated the terrible decisions that brought him to that point.

In the description for the above video of the incident, the trucker briefly gave his side of the story.


"Getting cut off happens way too often in merging traffic and ramps," the trucker writes. "Cars show no regard for safety especially when, more often than not, I haul over-sized loads like I was with this video. This occurrence happened in Indiana on the east side of Fort Wayne. The car had every opportunity to fall in line behind me, but instead chose to cut off an 80,000lb truck carrying an oversize load. We can't stop on a dime and I wasn't about to put my own life in jeopardy by slamming on the brakes and having my load shift."

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I think one YouTube commenter puts it best when he writes, "Never mess with truck drivers. They don't get paid enough to deal with dimwitted drivers that cause accidents." Amen to that. Couldn't agree more.

Listen, we've all missed our exit before. But, you know what? If you miss your exit, that's on you (or the person in the car directing you, in which case, get a better navigator). The next step is to come to terms with the mistake and just get off at the next exit in the safest way possible. Not play wannabe stunt driver like a crazy person. And that's all there is to it.


This post was originally published on April 22, 2020.

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