trash truck tire hits car at gas station
YouTube: ViralHog

Trash Truck Tire Crashes Into Car at Gas Station


You know you're going to have a bad day when this is how it begins. This lady was parked at a gas station, just minding her own business, when a truck tire came rolling in out of nowhere. Even though it seemed like the tire was just going to continue rolling past, it decided to circle back around and slam into the back end of her Toyota Corolla.

You don't ever get to see the truck that the wheel fell off of in the video, but it was supposedly a trash truck down the road. The wheels used on these trucks are massive, so she made the right decision in stepping back and not trying to stop it. There wasn't a whole lot that she could do other than watch the destruction occur. This tire managed to go around two gas pumps and still circle back around to hit the car.

Clearly, as you can see by her reaction, she wasn't too happy with where this tire ended up. I can't blame her. By the look of it, she's going to need to replace a bumper, tail light, and she'll probably even need to fix the quarter panel. Another person comes out of the gas station after seeing what had happened, and they both end up pointing towards the truck further down the road.


On the bright side, most of these commercial trucks have good insurance that can cover all the cost of the damage. It's not like the trash truck would really be able to flee the scene or anything, so I'm sure they got everything sorted out after the video ended. Regardless, that does not look like the ideal situation to be in. Some days are better than others, but this lady definitely just had herself a bad day.

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