semi truck smashes into overpass
YouTube: nma419

Semi Truck Smashes Through Overpass on New York Parkway


This here is a prime example of a bad day at work. Now, this whole situation could have been avoided with a little common sense, but apparently, some people just have to learn the hard way. This commercial driver absolutely destroys his trailer and covers the roadway with debris after striking an overpass in New York.

Let's go over a few mistakes that were made. If you're wondering why this driver was just randomly recording the truck, it's because semi trucks are strictly prohibited from driving on the parkways. The truck driver shouldn't have been on this road to begin with, but he continues down the road anyway. Secondly, you can see in the video there were multiple signs that stated the heights of these upcoming overpasses, all of which were seemingly ignored. He squeezed through a couple bridges by only inches, but he should have taken the hint after passing the multiple 13-foot clearance signs.

Unfortunately for this driver, ignoring the sign that stated there was an upcoming 10' 5'' clearance turned out to be a huge mistake. He makes contact at full speed and turns his trailer into a flat bed, while also leaving quite a mess behind him. Not only that, but he put multiple drivers in danger by doing this. Luckily, no one was injured in the accident, and it's safe to say that this guy learned a tough lesson.


I don't even want to think about the phone call he had to make to his company after this. This is pretty much any commercial driver's nightmare, because mistakes like these are the type that end someone's driving career. On the bright side, at least there weren't any other truck drivers around to witness the screw up. You'd never hear the end of it over the CB radio, only adding more insult to injury.

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