truck crash at weigh station

Oblivious Truck Driver Crashes at Weigh Station

Sometimes you'll watch something, just shake your head, and ask yourself, "What was he thinking?" Well, this video is a classic example of that.

This truck driver had to make a stop at a weigh station, but he makes numerous mistakes along the way. When you're driving a commercial vehicle, such as this tractor-trailer, it's expected that you know how to operate it. I'm not so sure about this trucker, though.

The scale house is a common sight to see for semi-truck drivers that are traveling across the United States. It's here that the state police, highway patrol, or Department of Transportation will enforce the weight limit laws so they can assure you are traveling legally. They can also check on your CDL and log books here. Normally, as you approach the truck scales, you'll get either a red light or a green light. The green light is basically a PrePass, meaning you don't need to stop, but the red one mandates a stop.

I don't think this commercial driver got the memo, however, and that was his first mistake. He gets the red light, but just keeps on trucking down the lane as if he was going to pass it right up. Law enforcement doesn't take very kindly to that, so they sound him on the radios and tell the large truck to turn right into the parking lot, so they can check him. Even though there are pretty much no motorists around this driver, he still manages to get into quite the situation.

Instead of turning where there was a massive gap in space, this commercial truck driver decided to go all the way to the end of the lane and make a sharp right turn. Normally, he probably could have made it, however, there was a truck and trailer sitting in plain view at the end of the parking spots. Since there was barely any room to maneuver at the end, he inevitably causes this truck crash when his trailer plows into the parked vehicle. Keep in mind that was the ONLY truck parked in the parking lot. There were so many things he could have done differently to avoid this.

My guess is that it didn't take long for state troopers to show up to the scene after the truck accident. I'm sure they had a number of questions for the driver about why he decided to do what he did, but sometimes people just weren't cut out to be driving these big rigs. If you're out there driving yourself, please take note of what not to do when you stop at a weigh station.

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