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This License Plate Game Is the Perfect Way to Combat Road Trip Boredom


Car rides were a mess growing up. My sisters and I would argue and wrestle if one of us even touched each other in the car. I recall one time where I was so bored I decided to spit the sunflower seeds I was chewing out the window, and well, nine-year-old me didn't understand that when you're going 70 MPH on I35, the seeds were just going to fly back into the window.

Yeah, it's an understatement to say my parents went through it if we were on long road trips. Before we were old enough to have iPhones, the only entertainment on long car rides were naps and singing.

  • No loose pieces from wooden game board
  • Fun way for young children to learn state names
  • Get familiar with various parts of the USA
  • Great Christmas gift!

If you're a parent experiencing the pains of traveling with kids; or just want your child to have an entertaining but educating fun on family road trips, you have to check out this license plate game for your next road trip.


The Melissa & Doug U.S.A. License Plate Game is a fun travel game for long trips. Your kids will learn all 50 states and state capitals by memorizing a state's license plate design.

This fun game works as a trivia game, guessing game, and matching and memory game! The pieces have an elastic attachment to stick to the board, which makes it ideal for being on the road.

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The wooden travel game is a two-player game ideal for kids eight and up. How it works is that children will place each different state license plate on their state.

See if y'all can complete the United States map during the trip. How I would help the kids out along the way is by giving them hints. Such as "This license plate belongs to the state shaped like a boot." (Louisiana.) Using clues like this will make it easier for kids to memorize the states.

Also, knowing where states are is crucial for so many reasons. School, traveling, mailing, you name it.


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Parents and family members, you know our brains can get a bit foggy as we age. The Melissa & Doug flip-to-win memory game is a great product for you to play along with. Challenge your brain, and tell stories of each state you've visited during your road trip. The whole family is going to love this wonderful game. It's a great activity for a wide range of children and adults.

Customer reviews are fantastic! Many people are happy their kids and grandkids got a break from iPads and had a chance to learn. Some adults even mentioned the game was just as fun for them!

Road trip games can be fun for everyone, and family travel doesn't have to be a pain if your kids are having fun in the car. You can find the reusable classic travel game in stock on Amazon. Add this to your wishlist today. Happy travels!


For more car games and card games, visit Amazon and Be sure also to check out their Instagram account, melissaanddougtoys.

This post was originally published on August 20, 2019.

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