Porsche Travel Club

Porsche Travel Club's Tour of Croatia Will Have You Making Travel Plans


The Porsche Travel Club sounds like our kind of club. Just the name itself is enough to get anyone excited about going on a cross-country adventure in a high-end sports car. Sadly, even if it were possible to join such a driving tours' club, it would probably be way, way out of our price range.

As it turns out, the Porsche Travel Club, for several years now, has actually been traveling in style to places all around the world, taking impressive routes through beautiful location after beautiful location in some of the sleekest rides money can buy.

In one particular installment, Porsche took a little trek through the country of Croatia. Most recently on everyone's radar for it's impressive World Cup run, Croatia clearly has a lot more to offer than an exceptional soccer team.



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The Porsche Travel experience looks pretty amazing, doesn't it?

It's clear as to why Porsche only needs a brief description to describe Croatia, because the footage pretty much speaks for itself: "The clear waters, picturesque fishing villages and small harbour towns on the bays along the Adriatic coast, all invite visitors to discover them."

If that didn't convince you to book that next trip to Europe, check out the Porsche Travel Club's tour of Tuscany.


Or there's this incredible driving experience through the Dolomite Alps.

I mean, you could search through the Travel Club's destination rolodex, and you won't find an uninteresting place. There's the Black Forest, Stuttgart, Transylvania, Burgundy, Armenia, and the list goes on.


Many of these places may not have even gotten your attention before as viable places to travel, but there's something about a luxury vehicle that can make a person catch that travel bug.

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