This simple DIY conversion turns a small pickup into the ultimate camper Seth's Bike Hacks / Youtube

Camper vans are all the rage right now. There are Instagrams with a million plus followers dedicated to living life on the road out of a van, and vans range from Hippy-approved VW buses to 150K Sportsmobile converted offroad campers.

If you aren’t all about that #Vanlife, but you’d like to be a little bit about it, you don’t have to go all out. There is a solution that can turn the pickup you already own into a weekend camper, but still be able to use it to hold down a real job during the week: The camper shell.

They’re called camper shells for a reason, but they have really fallen out of style since the 80’s and 90’s. So now the only use they seem to get is storing pool chemicals or tools for small business handymen. But this mountain biker makes a pretty strong case for them to make a comeback.

Even with a shorter bed, a little ingenuity and craftsmanship can turn a pickup truck into a #Vanlife approved camper. The best part is how portable everything is. The cabinet/sink setup can be removed without even needed another set of hands, and the modern soft shell looks infinitely easier to store and use than old fashioned hard shells.

Looks like a much simpler way to get into the great outdoors than selling all your possessions and moving into a decommissioned short-bus.

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