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What Are the Risks and Legal Ramifications of Car Chases?

Car chases make for great movie scenes. From Gone in 60 Seconds to any of the trillion Fast and Furious films, nothing gets the blood pumping like a good car chase. Hollywood has spent millions of dollars creating these scenes for viewers. Rides are wrecked, and stunt drivers test their skills. Car chases may seem cool on the silver screen, but what happens when you try to reenact these scenes at home?

Jail or serious injury are the usual results of playing action hero, especially when officers of the law drive the vehicles in pursuit. Running from Johnny Law may seem normal or even glorified thanks to movie magic, but in the real world, fleeing from police can put you behind bars for years in 60 seconds (not the catchiest of titles). We may not see the legal ramifications of the actions of characters past when end credits roll, but allow us to break down what happens after a car chase in real life.

You can check out just one example of the real-life ramifications of a car chase in the below video .

What Happens After a Car Chase?

So, something inside compels you to slam your foot down on the gas instead of the brakes when you see those flashing lights. I got good news and bad news for ya. You wouldn't be the first to try and outrun law enforcement. The bad news is your local county jail is full of folks who have tried and failed. During this high-speed chase, several things will happen, and usually, none of them work in your favor.

During this wild chase, you can go from chase suspect to murder suspect before the chase ends. High-speed police chases not only put your life at risk, but they also put the lives of others at risk, which is a serious criminal offense resulting in years of jail time. While attempting to evade police pursuit, you could kill another motorist or possibly a civilian that just happened to be walking while you were fleeing.

The chase could end in a standoff with a single police officer or several police cars, which does not bode well for your trial. You will make breaking news for being stupid enough to put so many lives at risk. Different states reward this high level of stupidity with different penalties. In California, whether it's Los Angeles or San Diego, evading a police officer as a misdemeanor offense can get you a year in county jail. In Texas, you can face up to half a year. Florida can give you up to five years plus thousands of dollars in fines for this grave misstep.

The severity of the charges all depends on what happens during the chase, but no matter the state, if you willfully evade police, you will face jail time and expensive fees. Hundreds of people die every year in America as a result of reckless driving during a high-speed police pursuit. Those few thrill-seeking moments can cost people their lives. When it comes to chase scenes, leave it to the stunt drivers and actors. After car chases, they could win a Golden Globe. You, on the other hand, will win a first-class ticket straight to county.

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