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This Funny Joe Biden Decal Gives "Ridin' With Biden" a Whole New Meaning

I don't care if you're a Republican or Democrat. It's 2021, so tear those 2020 political stickers off your car! The presidential election is over. Your Biden-Harris 2020 and Trump-Pence 2020 bumper stickers are old news. Now, that's up to you if you still want to show off your party affiliation. However, if you're doing to do it, at least be funny about it.

Whether you love or hate Biden, this Joe Biden decal would look hilarious on your vehicle. This car decal is a hot mess. Pop this soon-to-be President Joe Biden decal on your car window and make it look like you're riding around with Biden in the backseat.

Aahs Donald Trump Decals Car Stickers Funny Left Window Peel Off Political (Joe Biden)

This high-quality sticker will definitely bring some attention to your truck. A customer gave it a five-star review and said, "Love my Riden with Biden Car Magnet and Joe Biden Headshot). Getting a lot of thumbs up gestures on the Road."

Many people use these stickers for cars, but they'd come in handy for indoors as well. Prank your favorite coworker by placing one of these stickers on their office window. (Totally kidding, unless your office environment is known for harmless pranks.)

These election stickers have been trending for quite some time. Our friends over at Rare found a funny Trump sticker for car windows. Check out the video of someone driving around with the Donald Trump sticker!

There's even a Vice President Kamala Harris sticker available. Of course, you can even place a Pence, Obama, or Clinton decal on your backseat window. Next time you're ridin' around, everyone is going to take a second look at your backseat.

When you're ready to take it off, you don't have to worry about residue. These stickers don't leave marks!

For more sticker decals for cars, skateboards, and water bottles, visit Amazon.

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