swerving scooter karma wreck
YouTube: ViralHog

Swerving Scooter Rider Gets Hit With Instant Karma


Now, I've never actually been to Vietnam, but judging by this video, traffic certainly looks like an interesting mess to navigate through. As far as transportation goes, a good deal of folks opt for scooters and motorcycles to easily filter through the gaps. However, you need to be even more cautious on two wheels, and if you're not, well, this happens.

This dashcam footage captured in Hai Phong shows a scooter rider making some pretty exaggerated maneuvers on the streets. He swerves wide left, cuts off the driver filming, then swerves wide right while passing another van. He continuously kept veering from side to side even after he passed the van. He gets out of sight of the camera for a moment, but it's not the last time we're going to be seeing this guy. His dangerous riding style catches up to him almost instantly.

All of the sudden, the van in front of the camera car slams on its brakes, bringing traffic to a halt. Can you guess why? Oh, yeah, the swerving scooter guy screwed up big time and crashed right in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, we don't get to see exactly what happened from the view of the dashcam, but it's clear that he bites it pretty hard. As the camera car passes the rider, you can see him doing the walk of shame back to pick up his wrecked scooter from the ground. I'd never wish a crash for someone, but he was kind of asking for it.

This is why it's important to always focus on what you're doing, especially in this type of environment. If you get too in over your head, motorcycles and scooters have a painful way of bringing you back to reality. Hopefully, this guy learned a thing or two, and maybe he'll ride a little smarter from here on out.

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