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Shooting Guns from a Mini Cooper Is the Ultimate Off-Roading Activity

Going skeet shooting? Sure, it's a fun thing to do and all, but it's not exactly groundbreaking. A ton of folks out there can say that they've gone skeet shooting is what we're saying. But can most people say that they've gone skeet shooting from a Mini Cooper? Not likely. Now, that's an outside-the-box (and also inside-the-car) activity that you just don't see every day. Not until the guys over at The Smoking Tire YouTube channel had the idea of the century.

Back in 2012, The Smoking Tire crew had a bit of fun running a three-part series testing out some BMWs in a few wild and crazy ways. Their goal was to put together some awesome videos, and damn, did they deliver.

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In this first video, they take the Mini Countryman S (God only knows why) out on some country paths to, you know, go shooting on a sporting clay range. Because why not? You may think it's a little silly to take a Mini Cooper Countryman S out on an off-roading trip to go shoot guns. It's definitely not the first vehicle that comes to mind for something like that. You'd probably think a vehicle like a Jeep or even a Ford pickup would be the go-to ride for a backwoods shooting trip, you know? Going the unconventional route is probably what makes this video all the more epic, though.

Now, we just really want to go on a shooting trip like this. Who's bringing the Mini Cooper?

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