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13 Car Accessories Under $45 That Any Practical Car Owner Would Love and Appreciate


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As we all know, it's not always easy to think of awesome Christmas gift ideas for friends and family. Even if you know what that person's interests are, it can still be challenging at times to narrow down an item that they may genuinely enjoy.

Luckily, if the gift receiver happens to regularly drive a car (apologies to anyone under 16), things are about to get a whole lot simpler. Typically, car enthusiasts love absolutely anything automotive related. You really can't go wrong by gifting them a car accessory, and you don't need to spend an arm and a leg, either.

For a little further inspiration, let's check out 13 perfect gift items found on Amazon that practically any car owner would find useful.


Car Accessories to Buy on Amazon

1. Lifeline AAA Approved Roadside Emergency Kit

Price: $40.69

I'd recommend that every driver out there should have a safety kit on hand. This particular one from the Lifeline Store is AAA approved, and includes all kinds of good stuff like jumper cables, tools, a first aid kit, reflective triangles, and a flashlight. The kit is compact and easy to store behind the back seat. It may seem boring and practical, but the recipient will no doubt be appreciative for this when they actually need it.

2. Tollefe 5 Ports USB Car Charger


Price: $16.99

Having some extra charging ports in a vehicle can definitely come in handy, especially considering the amount of electric devices that folks have on hand nowadays. Many vehicles can lack the necessary amount of USB ports, but with this nifty gadget from Tollefe, you can utilize the car charger port to give you three additional USB slots.

3. Autodeco 22-Piece Car Wash Cleaning Kit

Price: $28.99


Who doesn't appreciate a clean vehicle? Let that special person in your life go the cheap DIY route with this car wash kit from Autodeco. There are, of course, a variety of different car wash kits on the market, but this one includes tons of different brushes and microfiber cloths to help remove dirt without damaging the vehicle paint. Here's a look at exactly what you get with this kit:

  • 1 portable collapsible bucket (20L/5 Gallon)
  • 1 extra large chenille microfiber wash mitt (8'' x 11'')
  • 1 microfiber wash sponge
  • 2 super absorbent towels (15.7" x 15.7")
  • 1 window water scraper
  • 1 car tire brush
  • 1 car wheel brush with handle
  • 1 mini duster for car air vent
  • 6 glass washer cleaning pieces
  • 1 car tire clearing stone hook
  • 1 car duster
  • 4 wax applicator pads
  • 1 durable blue storage zipper bag

4. Trunkcratepro Portable Trunk Organizer

Price: $39.87

We all know that one person who uses their vehicle as a way to store what seems like most of their personal belongings. Heck, maybe you know more than one. Help them clean up their messy ride with this awesome trunk organizer. Not only will it tidy things up, but it will keep those items from rustling around while driving. It's always nice to have everything secure in the interior.


5. Vicseed 3-in-1 Car Phone Mount

Price: $24.95

One of the best gifts for someone who's constantly on the go is a car mount for their phone. This will keep their attention on the road, while still allowing them to have access to their phone, hands-free. These universal mounts can attach to the dashboard, the car air vent, or the windshield. They're also compatible with Iphone, Android, or even a Blackberry, if you know someone who's still rocking one of those.

6. VacLife Car Air Pump


Price: $29.99

Powered by the 12V power outlet in your car, this plug-in tire inflator is perfect for that necessary maintenance job that we all tend to put off time and time again. It's small enough to store away easily, so it's made to keep inside your vehicle during a road trip, or just for that everyday commute.

7. Lantoo Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Price: $15.79


I'm all about multi-tools, and this one from Lantoo isn't just useful, but it could also save someone's life. The tool includes a tire pressure gauge, window breaker, seatbelt cutter, and an LED flashlight. Obviously, it's something that's great to have within arms reach in the event of an accident. Safety should be a priority, and this makes for a great gift for someone you care about.

8. Stanley Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Price: $42.99

Anything related to car care and car cleaning is useful for any car owner, and people never realize how nifty a shop vacuum is until they have one. This model from Stanley makes interior cleanup a breeze, and eliminates the need to go to a random car wash to get a vacuum. Whether you're the driver or a passenger, everyone appreciates a good clean car interior.


9. Sumind Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Price: $25.99

Vehicle technology has changed quite a bit over the years. Many people are still driving around in their older model cars, and they may not have access to amenities like Apple Carplay or Android Auto. This radio adaptor plugs right into the phone charger, and allows a driver to hook up their phone via Bluetooth. It's a nice cheap gift that can improve anyone's driving experience drastically.

10. Kafeek Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover


Price: $15.99

Vehicles get a ton of use, and sometimes those steering wheels can wear down significantly. It may get sticky, or leave bits of material on your hands while you're driving. Steering wheel covers fix that instantly, and can help clean up the overall look of a car owner's interior. If the person you're purchasing this for has an older model car, this could potentially be something to look into. Just remember, most high-quality covers are vehicle specific.

11. Air Jungles Car Air Freshener

Price: $11.89


Air fresheners might not be your first thought when considering a gift idea, but they are super useful and considerate to other passengers. And, hey, they make for stocking stuffers. When it comes to car air fresheners these days, most drivers opt for the vent clips over the rearview mirror dangling option, so Air Jungles could be a good route to go in.

12. Black Panther 1-Piece Luxury Leather Front Car Seat Cover

Price: $39.99

Busted-up seat cushions can be a bit of an eyesore. Nicely fitted car seat covers do wonders for the overall look of the interior, and with the various versions available, it makes for a good gift idea. Black is always a solid choice, unless you know for sure that the recipient would like a particular style instead. Make sure to purchase ones that go with their specific vehicle model.


13. EcoNour Foldable 2-Piece Car Windshield Sunshade

Price: $14.79

If you happen to live in an area with extreme heat, you know the value of a quality windshield sunshade. They fold up for easy storage, and make for a great gift idea without spending too much money. This is particularly the case when that individual does not have tint on their car. It's a night and day difference once they start using one of these.

There you have it: 13 affordable and practical car accessory gifts. Hopefully, this gift guide helped you brainstorm what direction to go in. Keep in mind, we're only scraping the surface with these. Automotive accessories are plentiful, so go and find something that really matches the personality of the person you're buying the gift for!


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