boob car air freshener

This Boob Car Air Freshener Gives "Love is in the Air" A Whole New Meaning

You can have the newest Tesla model, but if that sucker stinks, I'm not impressed! Keeping your car's interior smelling fresh is important. If your car could use a new air freshener, then consider this boob car air freshener.

Place these boobies over your rearview mirror for a fresh car scent. I guess this gives a whole new meaning to love is in the air.

Ozze Cartoon Boobs Funny Air Freshener Car Or Home

  • Pricing: $8. Add to your Amazon wishlist today!
  • Ships from the United States
  • Great gag gift idea

You can find the funny adult air freshener on Amazon for $8. The holidays are creeping up, and we all know automotive enthusiasts only want something that's useful for their cars. You could always get them a gift card to Chemical Guys or Amazon, but I think you should mess with your buddy and get them something goofy.

Use the boob car air freshener as a stocking filler for your friend, coworker, or significant other with a great sense of humor. They'll love their new car scent (along with staring at a nice pair of boobs at red lights).

I could also see this being a hit at a bachelor party. Put this in the car as you venture out to the bars and casinos! The guys are going to love it. I mean, it's boobs and it smells good. Why wouldn't they?

Be sure to check out our article for tips on how to make DIY car air freshener from essential oils. Gone are the days of smelly cars! If you have a car that you're really struggling with, consider an ozone generator.

These things work. Whether it be pet dander or smoke that's making your car smell bad, an ozone generator will do the trick.

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