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How to Make Homemade Car Air Freshener With Essential Oils

I miss the smell of my car when it was brand-spankin' new. Thankfully, 'new car smell spray' exists, but sometimes that doesn't cut it. I'm open to all kinds of wonderful scents, meaning I'll spend about $20 on car air fresheners at any given time if I walk through the automotive aisle at Walmart.

$20 for air freshener that won't last long is pretty pricey, and I'm overpaying for it. For a quick and budget-friendly hack, you can make homemade car air fresheners for under $20. Here's everything you need.

Homemade Car Air Freshener

There are many ways to circulate your DIY car air freshener in your vehicle. Some choose to place clothespins in their air vents. Yep, drop some of your favorite essential oils onto a clothespin for an essential oil air freshener.

Another method is using a glass jar. Glass jars are mostly associated with gel air fresheners. Fill a mason jar with your air freshener recipe and place it in your cup holder.

You can always get extra creative and make a wacky air freshener to hang on your rearview mirror. I have Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of 'The Killers' (Yes, the band who sings 'Mr. Brightside') hanging in my car.

brandon flowers

Allison Johnson

No, it doesn't smell like flowers, but it does smell like fresh laundry. Head over to your local craft store for pieces of felt or grab some piece of cardboard from your local grocery store. It looks like most Etsy creators print high-quality photos to create new air fresheners.

Since there are many ways to make car air fresheners, do not get discouraged. As long as essential oils aren't dripping all over your seats, you'll be fine! Be sure also to check out YouTube for tutorials.

What You'll Need for DIY Car Air Fresheners

1. Jar

A jar is a must if you plan on using a gel air freshener. You'll need a jar with a metal lid. Don't worry, it's not a messy air freshener. Since you'll poke holes in the lid, your recipe will stay in place.

It won't take a lot of time to make your own car air freshener if you go this route.

2. Essential Oils

Maybe you haven't invested in an essential oil diffuser yet. You're missing out if you haven't! A few of my favorite essential oils are peppermint and lavender. Lavender is very relaxing, and many believe peppermint is a great natural remedy for headaches.

Amazon has many oils to choose from. A few drops of your favorite essential oils will go a long way, so these will last a long time.

3. Hole Punch

You'll need a hole punch if you want to make a DIY cardboard air freshener. Which celebrity, athlete, or TV character are you going with?

4. Metal Rings

Metal rings come in handy for hanging your DIY car air freshener.

5. Spray Bottle

You can also add a few drops of essential oil to some water!

Just how lighting candles after deep cleaning your house is a must, so is making your car smell good after cleaning it. A nice smelling car should be part of regular car care for everyone. Even if you prefer more masculine smells, I highly recommend a natural car air freshener.

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