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YouTube: Pask Makes

YouTuber Crafts Homemade Truck Bed Drawers, and It Looks Like a Sweet DIY Project


YouTube channel Pask Makes, run by a Queensland, Australia native named Neil, is basically the ultimate hobbyist's hub, showcasing everything from woodworking and metalworking to photography and drawing. For one of Neil's most popular videos, the DIY expert showcased his carpentry skills by building his own truck bed drawers. What a badass project!

Neil really broke out the tool box for this one. In the nearly 12-minute video, he works his magic on sheets of plywood with table saws, circular saws, and drills, giving a step-by-step look at how he created his DIY truck bed drawers. Clearly, this dude knows what he's doing.

"Recently, we bought a new truck and I decided straight away I would build some drawers for the back," reads the video's description. "They came out great and will be perfect for keeping things organized, especially when camping. The drawer slides work very well and much cheaper than buying them, $230 a pair was the cheapest I could find for the size I needed. Hopefully, I've shown enough here to help you build your own but if you need more info on this style of runner then you should find plenty with a search."


Now, Neil's truck bed storage system doesn't just look and operate great (which he shows with a drawer slide out demonstration), but it has the perfect amount of storage space. Not only that, but they're also ridiculously heavy duty, which he shows by standing on them at the end of the video. He earned the right to wear the Superman T-shirt after that one.

As it turns out, Neil and his family went on a road trip right after he finished his DIY truck drawer project. Talk about perfect timing!

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Truck Bed Drawers on Amazon

If you don't feel like going the DIY project route, but are still looking to get your hands on a quality truck bed drawer system, a quick Google search will turn up a number of options from places like Home Depot and eBay.


Amazon also offers several storage drawer systems for a number of full-size pickup trucks, from the Toyota Tundra and 4Runner to the Chevy Silverado and Ford F-150.

DECKED Pickup Truck Storage System for GMC Sierra & Chevrolet Silverado (2007-2018)

This truck storage solution option from DECKED is designed for a pickup truck bed that's 5'9" long. The weatherproof and built-to-last sliding drawers can hold all your tools securely in the rear bed.

The DECKED system is also known for its customizability, as the company offers everything from locks and dividers to CoreTrax and modular, nesting storage boxes as optional components. The company also points out that most truck racks work with DECKED storage systems, so long as they're not installed in the bed below the top of the wheel well.


DECKED Toyota Truck Bed Storage System

This system fits the Toyota Tacoma (2019-current model years), and while the specific model listed here is for a truck bed that's 5'1" long, DECKED also offers a system for 6'2" truck beds.

Weather Guard 3085 Pack Rat Drawer Unit

This heavy-duty drawer unit from Weather Guard has a steel roll-out drawer with a 425-pound load rating, as well as 14-gauge steel top and sides that allow 750 pounds and 12-gauge steel skids that provide extra strength. This system is really top-of-the-line when it comes to secure storage.


This post was originally published on August 12, 2020.

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