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4 Must-Do Activities for the California Car Enthusiast

California is huge and epic and diverse, so you know it's got to have some sweet spots for auto enthusiasts.

You may hate the traffic, the smog, the fog, or just not be a fan of some of the personalities of California, but you have to admit it is amazing to look at. From the peaks and valleys in the Sierra Nevadas to the popular-because-they're-amazing beaches in southern California, the low deserts to the towering forests, the Golden State is home to a diverse environment. This means only good things for auto enthusiasts.

If you can beak through L.A. traffic and get around the hilly roads in the Bay Area, you open yourself up to endless possibilities of auto adventuring. Whatever you're in the mood for from behind the wheel, California has something for everyone. Here are a few of the billion ideas for auto enthusiasts who want a unique look at the state.

Visit the National Parks

There are nine national parks to check out and they range from snow-capped mountain ranges to the actual basement of the country. For Instagrammable memories, head north to Sequoia National Park and place yourself (and your flannel) against gigantic trees. For a stripped-down adventure, focusing on cleansing your mind perhaps, head to Death Valley or Joshua Tree National Parks in the southern portion.

Brave Lombard Street in San Francisco

Auto enthusiasts and common, every day drivers alike may not jump at the opportunity to drive through winding streets and do their best to not hit pedestrians in San Francisco's small and jam-packed streets. But meandering up and down the world's windiest road is a small, but fun adventure that basically sums up driving in the Bay Area. This is definitely a bucket list item.

Take in Breathtaking Views From the Pacific Coast Highway

Stretching along California's expansive coastline, the Pacific Coast Highway provides epic views from mile to mile. The Bixby Bridge (above) is the perfect location to stop and stare for a while. Or get beachy views from the PCH's southern stops, including La Jolla, Malibu, and Santa Barbara.

Head to the L.A. Auto Show

Auto enthusiasts can head to this playground (Nov. 19-Nov. 28) and see some of the most anticipated and talked-about cars on the market, or ones that are about to be on the market. Car companies show off their latest tech, accessories, and updated models at the L.A. Auto Show every year to stunned and wowed crowds.

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