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3 Most Comfy Heated Car Seat Covers of 2022 + Why They're Safe


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'Tis the season for heated seat covers (and heated toilet seats). Keep your bottom and legs warm all winter long with the best heated car seat cover. These heated covers not only keep you warm and cozy, but they're also super comfy. Some seat covers are cushioned!

These car seat warmers are great gifts for anyone, especially truck drivers or for people who might not have the best heat circulation in their vehicle. Grab the best one for your car today.

Are Heated Car Seat Covers Safe

Yes, just be sure to choose the right material when shopping. Carparts.com says, "A porous, well-ventilated, and fire-resistant fabric is strongly recommended."


We made sure to include three options that are made from fire-resistant cloth and have UL-approved overheat protection thermostats. (PS: It's a great idea to make sure your heated products have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories.) They address fire safety to drive safe product performance.

To learn more about what they do, visit their site here.

Can You Clean Heated Seat Covers

You'd clean your heated seat covers similar to your seats--no need to submerge your covers in water. To be extra safe, you can take your covers off at the end of winter and spot clean with mild soap and water outside.

Let your covers dry in the sun! If your seat covers are covered in pet fur, a handheld vacuum should do the trick. Just be wary that some car cleaning professionals will charge more for removing pet fur.


Best Heated Car Seat Covers & Heated Car Seat Cushions

1. Sojoy Universal Plain Black Front Seat Cover Warm Seat Protector

Keep it budget-friendly with this fast-heating $22 seat warmer. The cold weather automotive essential is safe, so don't worry about overheating. It's made from fire-resistant cloth. The car seat heater is a universal fit, so it will fit most car and truck seats. It even has adjustable headrests that are super stretchy.

Warm up that lower back for those long winter commutes! A customer gave it five stars and said it fits a Freightliner.

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2. Comfier Massage Seat Cushion with Heat

COMFIER's seat does require an electric power source. Now, it is pricey compared to the first option, but you get what you pay for. This $58 cover is also a back massager! Kiss muscle soreness goodbye. However, keep in mind it's not a kneading massager, just vibrating.

If your job requires long waiting times in the car (or if you just want a massaging experience while driving), you'll appreciate this vehicle seat cover. The vibration massage is truly a hit for drivers with back pain.

A customer gave it five stars and wrote, "I fell in the ice back in February and hurt my lower back. Sitting at my desk was excruciating and only got worse with time. I couldn't find any comfort no matter how many ways I contorted myself. My wife told me to purchase this complete massager/heating pad. Oh my goodness! I set the massaging and heat to focus on my lower back and posterior and felt almost immediate relief."

There are two heat settings, the low setting can reach 114 degrees Fahrenheit, and the high setting can heat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Two temperature settings will come in handy if multiple drivers share a car. (Be sure to buy a car cigarette lighter adapter, however, an adapter for home is included.)

The safe, high-quality cover features an auto-shut-off feature for overheat protection. There's a 30-minute timer. Feel free to use it on your office chair as well to stay warm and toasty while sippin' on coffee!

3. HealthMate IN9438 Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion

This cover is a bit more budget-friendly. The $35 heated seat cover has two temperature controls (high & low) and offers comfy cushioning. It is a universal fit, and there are elastic straps and elastic bands to prevent the cushion from moving. The seat cushion cover is cozy, soft, and the heating levels are easy to control. It can reach a maximum of 114 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since it's easy to fold, you won't dread taking it off once spring comes around. It's compatible with your car's 12-volt outlet. Be sure to unplug it to avoid overheating and draining your battery.

This post was originally published on September 15, 2021.

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