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$23 iPad Holder Has Over 12,000 Amazon Ratings and Keeps Passengers Entertained


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There's a lot of debate about "iPad kids," but I think we can all agree that letting an iPad entertain a kid for hours on a road trip isn't a bad idea. It keeps them quiet and safely seated. So if you (or a new parent) haven't invested in an iPad holder for cars yet, here's your chance.

These iPad and tablet mounts can be mounted to cup holders for effortless navigation, headrests for the kiddos, and my favorite passengers, drunk Uber riders. But hey, playing Candy Crush on the way to the bar can be fun. Here are our five best picks for your needs.

Best Apple iPad & Tablet Holders for Cars

1. Car Mount TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder with Silicon Holding Net Compatible with Both 4.5-6 Inch Phones and 7-10.5 Inch Tablets


Where to place it: You can place this $22 tablet/phone holder on seat headrests.

Devices compatible with: Compatible with 4.5-6 inch phones and 7-10.5 inch tablets. (iPhone X / iPhone 8 / 7 / 6 Plus / iPhone 8 / 7 / 6 / Samsung Galaxy Note / HUAWEI Mate 10 / iPad Pro 9.7 / Pro 10.5 iPad Mini / iPad 2/3/4 / iPad Air / Samsung Galaxy Tab / Fire Tablet / Nintendo Switch).

Pros: Angle adjustable for comfy viewing. Can also be used as a desktop stand.

2. Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder for Apple iPad Pro / Air / Mini, Tablets, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, & Smartphones 4.5" to 10" Wide with Dual Adjustable Positions and 360° Rotation (HRMOUNTPRO),Silver


Where to place it: Car backseats/headrest posts.

Devices compatible with: Universal for devices 4.5 inches to 10 inches.

Pros: The headrest tablet holders allow for viewing angles and for 360-degree rotation.

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3. Macally Heavy Duty Tablet Holder for Car - Works as Cup Holder Tablet Mount or Phone Cup Holder - Fits Devices 3.5" - 8" Wide with Case - Adjustable iPad Car Mount with 360° Rotatable Cradle


Where to place it: Car cup holders.

Devices compatible with: The tablet/mobile phone holder has compatibility with any device between 3.5 - 8 inches with or without case.

Pros: The phone mount is ideal for rideshare drivers. The sturdy cup holder mount allows for hands-free navigation.


4. Car Headrest Tablet Mount Holder - Tryone Stretchable Backseat Tablets Stand for Kids Compatible with iPad Air Mini/ Cell Phone/ Galaxy Tab/ Kindle Fire Hd/ Switch Lite or Other 4.7-10.5" Device

Where to place it: Headrests.

Devices compatible with: The car tablet holder is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and Nintendo Switches between 4.7 to 10.5 inches.

Pros: The phone tablet holder swivels easily.


5. lebogner Insulated Car Seat Back Organizer + iPad and Tablet Holder, Auto Driver Or Passenger Accessories Organizer, Vehicle Front Seat Caddy, Personal Travel Cooler Storage Bag for Adults & Kids

Where to place it: Headrests.

Devices compatible with: Android tablets and iPads.

Pros: Cup holders included for easy access to water bottles.


We also recommend air vent mounts for rideshare drivers. They're small, easy to install, and of course, budget-friendly.