uber driver vs. tow truck driver fight
YouTube: TXStreetfights TV

Uber Driver vs. Tow Truck Employee in Texas Fight



These altercation videos just hit different when they happen where I live. Recently, in downtown Austin, Texas, a fight broke out between this Uber driver and the tow truck employees that were attempting to take the car. When the video begins, you see the car hooked up to the truck and the involved parties having a heated argument. Things then escalate pretty quickly.

Suddenly, the driver decides to step out of his car and get a little more hostile. The tow driver in the camo jacket appears to want nothing to do with a fight, and quickly calls for his co-worker to come over. The man in the Texas shirt comes over and squares up with the Uber driver. They dance around for a little bit with their hands ready to fight, but they never really fully get into it. That is, until the Uber driver lands a sucker punch. The two square up another time, but again, very little swings are even thrown.

The man getting his car towed then takes the keys out of the tow truck, and tries to back his car off the lift, but his tires are freely spinning in the air, so there isn't much he can do to free himself. As you start to hear whistles in the background, that's the police making their way up to the scene, and while the tow drivers see that and calm down, the Uber driver stays riled up. Once the cops arrive, they quickly put him in handcuffs to get the situation figured out.


At the very end of the video, you'll see the tow truck finally put the Nissan Altima back on the ground and drive off. I can't tell you exactly how this ended, but it appears as if the Uber driver's aggression may have actually been justified. Regardless, the crowd sure enjoyed the show while it lasted.

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