two women fight on massachusetts highway
YouTube: ABC13 Houston

Angry Women Come to Blows in Road Rage Fight on Highway


These women weren't messing around! Take a look at this video showing two drivers in Massachusetts, who got into a road rage fight in one of the worst places possible. Not like there's ever a good time for drivers to fight, but rather than pull off the road, they decided they were just going to stop right in the middle of the highway to duke it out. Hands were flying, jaws were flapping, and it was quite a scene to witness.

This incident happened in Danvers, and, apparently, the whole thing started after one of the women cut off the other one during rush hour traffic. Well, she wasn't exactly too pleased with that, and the situation escalated fairly quickly from there. Eventually, the car in front slowed to a stop, and both women hopped out of their vehicles. The woman in the red even slips at one point, but catches herself on her car door. Following this, the two get into each others faces and begin pushing and shouting.

Not only is it extremely dangerous to stop and get out of your vehicle in the middle of an active highway, but it's pretty stupid, too. Massachusetts commuters were stunned with what they were seeing, and quickly pulled out phones to record the event as they passed by. State police eventually talked with the two drivers and Lt. Harvey made a comment about the altercation, saying, "There are ways to settle disputes. It doesn't have to be in the middle of the highway."


Let's all learn a lesson from this. A busy highway, road rage, and fighting are just ingredients for getting yourself in trouble. Next time someone cuts you off, just breathe and let it go. It's never going to be worth it, and you'll essentially accomplish nothing. Not to mention, these ladies put their own life at risk with this reckless stunt.

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