cop breaks up road rage fight during interview
YouTube: CBC News

Cop Breaks Up Road Rage Fight While Giving a TV Interview


You know, if you're in the middle of a road rage incident, maybe don't get out of your car to confront each other in clear view of a police officer. That's exactly what these guys did, and it was all captured on camera. Pink Panther and Mr. Clean both get a good scolding, and they were forced to put their differences aside to keep traffic moving and avoid any trouble with the law.

This took place in Toronto, and it was completely out of the blue. The officer was in the middle of an interview with CBC News, when the interviewer suddenly points out the road rage altercation that was going on just below them on the highway. The cop quickly shouts at the two men in order to deescalate the situation, but it doesn't appear to be working at first. The two drivers even shove each other at one point, but after exchanging a few more words, they finally decide to make the right choice and get back in their cars.

I will give my respect to this officer, because he stepped in immediately and ultimately scared the two straight before they did anything too stupid. It should pretty much go without saying, but anyone watching this video should take note: Never, under any circumstances, do what these guys are doing. It'll never lead to anything good, and it's pretty much a pointless encounter all the way around.


Again, and I mean this seriously: Why would you try and do this right in front of a cop? It was slow-moving traffic, so they had to have seen this officer sitting up on the bridge. But, I guess when your blood is boiling like that, you don't really think too straight.

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