AutoSock: How the Tire Chain Alternative Works + Rave Reviews

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I know, we all wish we could just stay at home during the wintertime. But, since that's not the case, be prepared for winter driving conditions. Get your snow tires, Prestone De-Icer, heated ice scrapers, and AutoSocks ready.

Yep, you might not need metal chains. Here's why AutoSocks might work for you.

What Is an Autosock + How They Work

The AutoSock is a winter traction device. It's made of textile (the textile is damage-free to alloy rims) and can be used with car, van, bus, forklift, and truck driving wheels when extra grip is needed in winter weather conditions.

The AutoSock is kind of a new product still. The traction aid hit stores in 1998 and was invented in Norway, so you may not have heard of it until recently.

AutoSocks simply do the same thing as metal tire chains, however, socks create traction on the surface of the layer, while snow chains create traction by compressing the surface. Before investing in an AutoSock, be sure that your city allows AutoSocks. Automotive laws differ by state.

How Long Does It Take to Install an AutoSock Snow Sock?

The tire cover only takes three minutes to install (even on vehicles with low clearance). AutoSock's sizes fit nearly every tire size.

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AutoSock vs. Tire Chains

The AutoSock is an alternative traction device to snow chains. You might be wondering if the tire chain alternative is worth a try.

Be sure to check out these customer reviews, we think you'll be convinced that the tire sock is worth every penny. Plus, the tire sock is a solution for commercial trucks and cars.

You can find the snow tire cover in stock on Amazon. Add it to your wishlist today.

If you're wondering if winter tires are worth the hype, check out this article. Winter driving can be dangerous, so make sure you're prepared for icy roads.