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This 3-Person Snow Tube Will Take Snow Tubing to a New Level of Fun


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In Texas, tubing means floating down a river with a beer in hand. Up north, this means sliding down a snow hill in an inner tube. Same concept, really. Regardless, both require a sturdy inner tube for fun all winter and summer long. Here are seven snow tubes and sleds that winter sports lovers swear by.

While everyone else is enjoying ice skating, we'll be riding out the cold winter months in inflatable snow tubes. Find a fun sledding hill near you and enjoy the thrill before it all melts.

Snow Tubing Tips

Whether you're at a snow tubing park or are tubing from your neighborhood, you should be safe and know a few tips before going downhill.


Best Snow Tubes for Snow Tubing

This is Amazon's number one tube in new releases for snow tubes. For under $28, you can get this five-star tube. Keep in mind, if you're an adult, you can ride with your bottom on top of the tube with your legs out. Children will fit right into the snow tube! So fun! It's perfect for the whole family. Your next trip to a Colorado ski resort (or a local tubing hill) will be too fun. A tuber said:

2. GoFloats Winter Snow Tube - Inflatable Sled

Kids are going to love this rider snow tube! There are a variety of mythical creatures and animals to choose from. The unicorn tube is too cute. Each sled has two built-in grip handles and has an extra-high center 'seat' so your bottom doesn't touch the cold ice.

It's made from cold-weather materials, making the durability top-notch. Plus, it's under $34, making it budget-friendly.


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3. Ghlerome 47 Ih Snow Tube, Inflatable Sled

Here's Amazon's #1 best seller in snow tubes. The $51 tube is the ultimate tube for winter fun. It's thick, and the PVC material is sturdy! The bottom will be able to take on friction, bumps, and more surfaces.

Between the price and durability, it's high-quality and not too expensive. Even better, it's super easy to inflate. With the three-in-one valve, you don't have to worry about it deflating on its own. We all know that would end a day of snow tubing!

4. Flexible Flyer Fireball 3-Person Snow Tube

This extra-large PVC tube is perfect for families. Take it out to the tubing park for all-day fun with the family. Up to three people can fit on it, and trust me, you'll want this if you like to go fast. The bottom is slick!

Heather gave it a perfect rating and said it's a great party sled. Do as Heather did and round up your neighbors for a fun snow day.

5. SportsStuff Kaleidoslope Inflatable Snow Tube

Up to three people can fit on this tube. This is a great pick for families or friends on vacation together. No one gets left behind, so everyone jump in! Well, maybe not literally, however, it is a heavy-duty tube, so it can take some pretty tough wear. Also, the PVC tube has welded seams so it won't burst.

Yay for years of use because these tubes can get pretty darn expensive. Another major perk is the speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation.

Best Snow Sleds for Snow Tubing

This plastic toboggan is perfect for kiddos! It's durable enough for 1-2 riders. It's priced right under $40, which isn't bad at all. The rope is perfect for parents who want to pull their little ones around snow.

Melanie said it even slid over some bumps! That's what we like to hear. No one wants to get stuck on a hill or even fall off due to bumpy snow.

Here's an awesome snow sled under $100. It has a super slick bottom for maximum speed! Renee wrote, "This sled is wonderful! It goes really fast compared to all other sleds and tubes I've tried and is a very comfortable, cushioned ride. Our main sledding hill is VERY bumpy and I'm not bothered at all by even the huge bumps when riding on this sled (I'm in my 40's)."

It is pricey, but if adults love it and can't stop raving about how it's holding up well, it has to be worth every penny.

Check out Amazon for snowboards, sleighs, pull rope, and more for endless family fun.

This post was originally published on October 1, 2020.