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8 Must-Have Appliances and Cookware Pieces for Cooking in a Semi Truck


Truckers eventually become accustomed to eating fast food on the road. Or, picking up hot meals from renowned truck stops like Love's Travel Stops and Travel Center. (Hey, some of those hot dogs and crispitos are pretty good.) Although it doesn't matter how much you enjoy a burger from McDonald's, fast food can get old.

Eating chicken strips and cheeseburgers every day at fast food joints may sound like a dream to some, but once your metabolism catches up to you, you know the importance of healthy meals. Plus, who doesn't appreciate a home-cooked meal?

Truck Driver Cooking Equipment

1. Traveling Slow Cooker

One of the cons of truck driving is missing out on home-cooked meals. Thankfully, portable slow-cookers exist, so you'll be able to cook your grandma's beef stew recipe on the road. Leave the Crock-Pot at home.This slow-cooker has three settings. High, low, and keep warm. Feel free to cook before getting on the road and just use it to keep your dinner warm.

2. Portable Stove


Choose between a single and double burner stovetop. Cooking on the road has never been easier. This portable stovetop has an automatic shut-off function and has an 18-month warranty. It's definitely in it for the long-haul.

3. Frying Pan

A frying pan is a must if you want to put that stovetop to use. Make some pork chops, stir fry, or whatever sounds good to you.

4. Blender

Snacks are my favorite parts of road trips. Head over to the grocery store and grab some jalapeños, onion, and salt and make some delicious salsa for snacking.Want something healthier? Make a smoothie or protein shake.

5. Portable Oven

As good as fried food sounds, sometimes you have to play it safe with healthy food. Bake your favorite dishes instead of frying them.


This portable oven cooks raw meat perfectly! See for yourself.

6. Sandwich Maker

A hot sandwich is better than a cold one. There, I said it. Grilled cheese over a cold ham sandwich any day! Add your favorite veggies and spicy sauce to a sandwich, and you'll never stop at a Subway again.

Prefer quesadillas? Opt for a quesadilla maker instead.

7. AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

Is it even possible to drive for 10 hours at a time without coffee? You can now save money and stop buying gas station coffee. Make a cup of joe from the driver's seat.


The AeroPress makes 1-3 cups per press in just minutes. The clean up takes seconds, and 350 micro-filters are included.

8. Utensil Set

Don't forget about plates, forks, and spoons. Also, cooking utensils. This travel set comes with a bottle opener, scissors, knife, cutting board, spatula, tongs, ladle, and rice paddle.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a mini-fridge. Cold drinks and groceries are essential if you want to enjoy a fresh-cooked meal after a long day of trucking.

This post was originally published on May 19, 2020.


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