deer kicks woman in head at gas station

Deer Lord! Gas Station Video Shows Woman Get Kicked in Head by Leaping Deer

Ain't that a kick in the head? It was for Lynda Tennent.

The Georgia woman was pumping gas before work on Wednesday, when, seemingly out of nowhere, a deer leaped over her, kicking her right in the noggin. Not the best way to start a work day, but hey, I guess worse things could have happened.

"I thought I was being robbed," said Tennent, according to News4Jax. "I reached up and grabbed my head...I thought I was bleeding."

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While Lynda didn't end up bleeding from the deer-kicking incident, it did result in a pretty decent-sized knot on her head. As for the deer, it was likely almost as surprised as Lynda over their awkward run-in. Hitting the gas station building, the deer got up and ran through some nearby apartment complexes (surely surprising quite a few residents in the process), before heading back into the woods, to tell the crazy story to its deer friends and family.

Immediately following the close encounter with the deer kind, Lynda Tennant went inside the gas station, where the employees checked on her and made sure she didn't need any sort of medical attention. Fortunately, she was able to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

"You know the funny thing? I was just worried I was going to be late for work," Tennant said, adding, "How many people in a public place gets attacked by a deer? I'm just thankful it jumped over me."

I mean, that is a good thing to be thankful for. Can you imagine if the deer had run THROUGH her instead of over her? If that were the case, we would've just watched an extremely different kind of video.

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