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[WATCH] Intense Deer Fight Caught on Police Dash Cam


You know what they said: nothing good happens after 2 a.m. Well, that's exactly the time when two deer were captured on police dash cam in Cincinnati, Ohio, having themselves a good ol' fashioned late night brawl.

No word on why the two angry animals decided to lock horns at such a late hour. It's possible that they were fighting over a doe they were both interested in, or maybe one of them made a tasteless mom joke. Maybe they were just heading home from the local watering hole and had themselves a drunken tussle.

Either way, as you can see from the released footage of the incident, which went down on October 17, 2018, these two were really going at it.

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In a Facebook post regarding the bucks fighting incident, a representative for the Blue Ash Police Department wrote, "Normally, BAPD would not tolerate fighting in the street. We thought it was best to let nature take its course in this instance."

Smart move by the Ohio police officers. Just let them fight it out. The more time they spent fighting with each other, the less time they could spend finding a car to jump in front of.

In fact, I feel like local police departments should encourage more deer fighting. Turn them against each other in order to cut down on traffic accidents. Or, at the very least, surprise traffic accidents. To be fair, having deer fight in the middle of the street doesn't exactly contribute to a more seamless flow of traffic.

But, then again, as I said before, nothing good happens after 2 a.m. So, if you're out on the road at that time and you're not prepared for a deer street fight, well, that's on you.


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