truck smashes through pulled-over vehicle
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Speeding Truck Plows Through Pulled-Over Vehicle


Truck crashes always make for especially intense incidents, mainly because of the massive amounts of damage that trucks have the potential to dish out. But, that's pretty obvious. The bigger the vehicle, the greater the capacity for destruction. That being said, every once and a while, you'll see a truck crash that looks more like a high-budget stunt from a Michael Bay movie than an actual event.

The above truck crash from out of Poland is one of those types of crashes.

"My colleague and I witnessed a very dangerous looking accident on route S8 in Marki, Poland," reads the video's description. "A big truck for no apparent reason turned to the side of the road, where the bus was stopped. Three people from the bus were adjusting the fastening of the cargo inside the bus when the truck started heading straight at them. They jumped off the bus at the last moment to save themselves. The speeding truck crashed into the bus. Fortunately, no one got hurt in this accident."


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Now, I don't know what issue was with this truck driver, whether he fell asleep at the wheel, was distracted by something, or had a medical emergency. Whatever it was, something tells me he won't be driving trucks for a long time.

He's lucky that the guys he was speeding towards got out of the way when they did, or he would've had a much different situation on his hands. Which, speaking of getting out of the way, what an impressively athletic move by those guys. Most folks aren't working with those kind of reflexes. It definitely seems like they've had their fair share of near-misses on the road. For their sake, let's hope that this one is their last.

This post was originally published on April 1, 2019.


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