drunk driver knocks over 18-wheeler
YouTube: Waxahachie Daily Light

Drunk Driver Goes Wrong Way Down Off-Ramp and Topples Semi


Most highway car crashes tend to be pretty serious, but, considering the underlying circumstances, there's something especially chilling about this off-ramp collision from back in 2015.

Jack Rivera, a New York trucker, was driving along Interstate 35E in Texas, when his dashcam captured the horrifying scene of an SUV speeding the wrong way down an off-ramp and slamming into a speeding truck.

According to the Waxahachie Daily Light, "police said the driver in the SUV may have been intoxicated and possibly tried to take her own life. The incident shut down the highway for at least two hours."

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The driver was identified as 49-year-old Laura Michelle Mayeaux, and, according to Lt. Ron Turbeville of the Waxahachie police department, she was "inebriated" and "smelling of alcohol" when medics arrived on the scene.

"Basically, based off that from the attending paramedics and firefighters, there was enough evidence there to suggest that she was drinking," said Turbeville, according to the Daily Mail. "That is the reason why we got a warrant for her blood."

After receiving treatment at a nearby hospital, Mayeaux apparently admitted to police that she was trying to take her own life.


Rivera, who got out of his vehicle following the crash to see if he could offer any assistance before police and medics arrived, said that he was extremely shaken up by the incident.

"Honestly, I am still a little disturbed by it," Rivera said. "I have been watching the video quite a bit, wondering why anyone would do something like that."

Mayeaux was charged with DUI, deadly conduct, and criminal mischief.

This post was originally published on November 5, 2016.


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