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Do You Remember NAPA "Parts Pups" Magazines?

You might remember walking into a NAPA Auto Parts store and seeing a magazine that caught your eye. Auto parts mechanics and customers loved the NAPA Parts Pups joke books and magazines. It's not surprising why--each magazine issue featured pinup girls. NAPA Auto Parts stores carried the NAPA Auto Parts Pups magazines for quite some time.

You can find vintage Parts Pups joke books and magazines on Google Shopping and eBay. Some of these issues are from as early as the 50s and as late as the 90s. What made these girlie magazines so intriguing (besides the covers) were the jokes. It was the perfect mechanic content for shop workers and men working on their cars from home! It was a win-win. Here are some must-have Parts Pups collectibles you ought to check out.

NAPA Parts Pups Magazines

1. Vintage NAPA Standard Parts Pups March 1957 Magazine Issue Memphis

You can always count on eBay for vintage magazines. This risque car magazine can be yours for only $12.99.

2. Vintage NAPA Standard Parts Pups February 1957 Magazine Issue Memphis

This February 1957 issue would be a perfect gift for your buddy. This bikini bombshell would look great in his mancave.

3. Vintage NAPA Standard Parts Pups December 1950 Magazine Issue

Here's a holiday edition of NAPA Parts Pups. Shipping costs are under $5, and it ships from the United States.

4. Vintage NAPA Standard Parts Pups April 1957 Magazine Issue (Atlanta) Vol 26 No 2

The seller stored this Genuine Parts Co. issue in a protective magazine sleeve and has been stored in a temperature-controlled environment. Grab this gem for only $12.99.

5. Atlanta NAPA Parts Pups Lot Of 7 Issues 1996 Final Year/Issue Pin-Ups FREE S/H

The last issue of Parts Pups was released in 1996. I can understand why they might be too risque for stores nowadays! Savor the last lot and grab this collection for only $29.99. The seller will get it to you in a few business days.

Check out Amazon for similar items and more Parts Pups annual joke books.

This post was originally published on July 27, 2020.

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