It’s hard to see the name Kyle Larson and not think about everything that happened to him over the past year or so. Back in April 2020, Larson, who is also an accomplished sprint car and midget car driver, was suspended from the NASCAR Cup Series and fired from Chip Ganassi Racing after saying a racial slur during an iRacing event. He’s since signed onto Hendrick Motorsports, where he’ll drive the No. 5 Chevrolet Camaro.

Alongside the northern California native for his entire controversial journey has been his wife, Katelyn Larson. Hailing from Grass Valley, California, Katelyn Sweet, the sister of World of Outlaws driver Brad Sweet, officially became Katelyn Larson on September 26, 2018. Together, Katelyn and Kyle have two children, Owen Miyata Larson and Audrey Layne Larson, and live in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Katelyn, an avid runner and former horseback rider, may be a mom of two, but that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t like to party from time to time. Who can forget the time she was the star of the NASCAR Awards back in 2019?

Katelyn Larson Shotguns Beer at NASCAR Awards

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NASCAR likes to do award shows a little bit differently than the average organization, and nothing showed that more than when Katelyn Larson shotgunned a beer at the NASCAR Awards show in Nashville, Tennessee on December 4, 2019.

Katelyn proved how sweet she really is (get it? because her maiden name is Sweet?) when she threw back a Busch tallboy like she was at a Talladega tailgate. ended up going viral on social media.

Now, before you go getting your undies in a bunch: Yes, we realize that Katelyn didn’t actually shotgun a full Busch tallboy, as the 16-ounce can appears to be either empty or mostly empty. So, yeah, maybe the stunt wasn’t entirely legit, but shotgunning a pre-opened beer still beats most of the hokey gimmicks you see at award shows these days.

As you may know, Larson’s Busch moment was a homage to her celebratory shotgun at victory lane at Dover International Speedway back in October 2019, after Kyle won the playoff race at the Monster Mile. As you can see from the below footage, Katelyn’s excitement over her husband’s big win led to a, lets just say, not-so-successful shotgun.

As Kyle Larson’s wife and Brad Sweet’s sister, Katelyn has been around professional auto racing for most of her life. Meaning, she’s probably shotgunned a fair share of beers in her day. Hey, even the pros can get rusty.

This post was originally published on April 14, 2020.

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